The correct way to paint and decorate

Way back in 1823, Charles croydon began a process of discovery, his end goal was simple…to create the best paint brush!

He experimented with many materials for the brush itself, mouse, goat, cat and dog tail hair, these he wrapped around the end of a broken walking stick using old twine, the lead-based paint was of quite a thick consistancy, the cat and mouse hair proved to be too soft, however the dog’s tail hair was much more rigid and was able to hold its shape during the brushing application. Just three years later he tried the hair from a horse’s tail, this was by far the best solution for its rigidity and ability to contain a larger quantity of paint.

The paintbrush handle also required evolution, the original broom handle was just the one diameter, making it difficult to hold, Charles took his broomstick to a carpenter friend and asked if she could ‘turn’ the broom handle into a more ergonomic shape, one which would rest easily within the users grip, this process took a few months of trial and error, however the final shape can still be seen today.

Now that Charles’s paintbrush is complete, the search was on to find a way to encompass two size brushes into one, allowing the user to create both wide and thin brush strokes without changing brushes, the rectangular shape was suggested with the brushes to be held around its perimeter, a metal flat bar was employed to wrap around the rectangular shape head, securing the horsehair around the paintbrush, ask any professional painter and decorator about the history of his brushes.