The Rocky Horro Show Ultimate Fan Kim Fox

The Rocky Horror Show is my passion, Hi I’m Kim and I’ve been a huge fan from the very start, I noticed this site was unloved and allowed to expire, so I decided to re-animate it and bring it back to life but with a new look…hope you like it.

This website is here to help you get the parts you need to enhance your own blog or website, I’m in the process of upgrading all the images and making the site mobile friendly.


These images are 80×95 Pixels. You can either click on the image to download it and save it locally.

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Just click on these small background images to download a huge version.


We have a selection of text images for you to download without the need to install a specific font on your website.

I’ll happily create any sentence you like just send me an email kimfox5267@gmail.com just give me a week or so please x